With this brief presentation we would like to welcome you to our organisation. We consider ourselves a young company, modern and dynamic, both for our team and our work philosophy, yet with ample experience in the world of national and international transport.

MESTRANS is a transport and logistics services operator based in Igualada in the province of Barcelona. It started as a family business in 1980, giving us more than 30 year of experience in the field of road transport.

Our company is strategically situated on the national highway N-II in the geographic heart of the industrial areas of the provinces of Lerida and Barcelona.

We strive to provide our clients with more than simple transport management. We seek to support the business of our clients, offering our knowledge in complicated transport to provide the most suitable logistic solutions.Our objective is to provide personalised solutions tailored to the needs of each client, employing great flexibility, quality and reliability in the execution of our services, always in line with our service concept: responsible and controlled service.

The transparent structure and independence of our organisation allows us to provide solutions to the demands of less conventional transport services, therefore filling gaps in the market that big business of the sector cannot serve.


Mestrans has more than 30 years in the field of national and international road transport.
Provide customized and adapted to the needs of each client.


Trusting relationship with the customer using great flexibility, quality and reliability in the execution of our services.